Precision Photo Etching Project Gallery

VACCO Industries offers a wide range of precision photo etching services. Below are just a few examples of the innovative solutions and value-added products and services that VACCO offers.

VACCO realizes the need for diversification in the photo etching industry to maintain our place as an industry leader. Our ability to adapt and change are the qualities that attract customers to VACCO and keep them coming back. In the ever-changing world of photo etching, flexibility, attention to details, and customer needs has made VACCO exceptional. The ability to develop processes to handle any type of project or industrial design is at the heart of VACCO’s ideals.

VACCO manufactured parts excel in their performance and durability. Our stainless-steel and titanium etching process, especially in the production of heat exchangers, has been recognized as the best in the industry for endurance and tolerance in extreme conditions.

To meet the requirements of our customers, VACCO has developed multilayered etched screens with superior strength, adaptability, and design. Using stainless steel, VACCO uses chemical etching to produce large multilayered sheets with exceptional tolerance.

VACCO, working with our customer’s engineers and designers enjoys confronting unusual and difficult challenges, such as developing parts from beryllium copper through the use of chemical etching and metal part etching using special forming methods. When specialized industries need a part for a specific job, VACCO is more than ready to meet their demands by developing solutions that perfectly meet their unique requirements. This type of special service is in keeping with VACCO’s goal of exceeding customer requirements with outstanding results.

One of VACCO’s special services is working with titanium, which has different process requirements than standard metals. Regardless of the titanium’s unusual traits, VACCO has been able to chemically etch multilayers of titanium and diffusion bond them before having the stack micro laser welded. The remarkable quality of the resulting micro springs exceeded customer expectations, as well as industry standards.

VACCO’s unique ability to adapt to our customers’ requirements and special projects sets us apart from our competitors. VACCO is available to work with your company to create projects using specially designed photo etching processes and in many cases combining etching with our diffusion bonding to create 3D assemblies. These processes include VACCO’s ability manufacture custom stacked etched screens. The ability to execute customer projects, goals and desires is what makes VACCO Precision Etched Parts the only choice in photo part etching and multi-fabrication assemblies.