Photochemical Machining and Milling: We Photo Etch Metal Parts

Photo etching services by VACCO produce high quality components in a very cost effective manner. Photo etching, a process of removing metal through the use of a chemical agent, is also known as photochemical machining or chemical milling. This flexible process is ideal for micro-machined components that are difficult to machine using conventional methods.

Photo etching on metal produces burr-free components and the low temperature process eliminates distortion. This process is extremely reliable and produces consistently high-quality photo etched parts over long production runs. Almost all metals and alloys are suitable for photo etching. Dimensional consistencies are maintained throughout the process no matter how complicated the part.

VACCO’s photo etching services include design assistance and expert technical knowledge to guide our clients through the process. Suitable for a variety of applications and industries, photo etching is an economical and quick way to produce many parts simultaneously.

With over 50 years of experience, VACCO is an industry leader. To learn more about our photo etching services, please contact us today.