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VACCO Precision Etched Parts is the leading specialist in commercial photo etching components and parts for industries and markets worldwide. Whether the process is called Photo Etching, Photo Machining, Chemical Milling, Chemical Etching, Photofabrication, or Metal Etching, customers around the world are familiar with VACCO. We are one of the largest commercial Photo Etching company in the Western United States. VACCO Precision Etched Parts is ISO 9001:2015 registered

For over 65 years, VACCO Industries has leveraged decades of experience in photochemical etching to exceed our customers’ needs. VACCO is committed to consistently meeting customer requirements and exceeding expectations. Our long history of producing high quality etched parts is a story of continuous improvement driven by the pursuit of excellence. Our expertise in Precision Photo Etching is complemented with our other in-house operations such as; Diffusion Bonding, Forming, Photo Fabrication, Adhesive Bonding and Micro Laser Processes. VACCO Industries’ vast capabilities extend us to working with many materials including Stainless Steel, Copper, Titanium, Beryllium Copper, HyMu  / Nickel-Iron,  Nickel, Nitinol and others.

VACCO Industries is a leading contract manufacturer for a vast array of worldwide industries and markets, including: medical, automotive, life sciences, electronic, printers, scientific, mechanical, avionic and space. We also leverage value added services that many of our competition cannot do. Such as assembly, metal forming, spot welding / resistance welding, lamination, diffusion bonding, laser cutting and welding, kiss cutting, marking, heat treating and embossing. VACCO Industries habitually ensure our customers receive innovative solutions, world-class products, premier customer service, on-time delivery and a competitive price.

Through constant investment in our employees, facilities and improvement of processes, our highly skilled workforce is able to design and manufacture affordable, high quality products. Together with our partners, we create customized, turnkey solutions for our clients, no matter what the challenge may be-no matter how complex. From the initial conversation to after-sale support VACCO Industries is always available to assist you with your manufacturing needs.

Watch the Photo Chemical Etching Process video to see how it works.