Micro Laser Services

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VACCO’s Multi-Fab group offers Micro Laser Services for precision laser cutting, micro welding, marking or other machining. VACCO’s laser capabilities are complementary to the markets served because of the demands placed for complete fabricated components on a turnkey basis.

VACCO’s Micro Laser Services of the thin metal and polyamide product market further benefit many companies that rely on VACCO as their quality component supplier. The added value of Micro Laser Services allows for quicker deliveries, and aids in producing products not currently available through the photo etching process. Many OEM customers have taken action to reduce their vendor list and VACCO is helping these companies by proactively being a complete “one stop-shop.”

Reducing lead-times, and costs with the flexibility of getting a one stop component service capability is something industry is always asking for and VACCO’s Micro Laser Services can deliver. VACCO also provides assistance on material selection. Depending on a client’s requirements certain materials may be better suited for the environment.

VACCO produces components for many industries including: Avionics, Medical, Electronics and Research applications. The range of process capabilities VACCO allows design engineers the benefits of lower costs, faster delivery and part design flexibility.

Positional accuracy of ± 1 micrometer and repeatability of ± 0.5 micrometer is common place with Micro Laser Services. Welding has deep penetration and spot welding can be as small as 0.005″. In some cases, “Hole-to-Material” drilling can be as great as a 10:1 ratio.

Micro Laser Capabilities


Primary Services

  • Cutting
  • Marking
  • Welding

Material List

Please visit Photo Chemical Etching Process for more information.

Material Thickness

.001″ to .075″ (.25mm to 1.9mm)

Maximum Panel Size

Material panels as large as 16” x 16”

Minimum Dimensional Tolerance

Capable of +/-1 micrometer and repeatability of +/-0.5 micrometer.

Positioning Accuracy

Capable of +/-1 micrometer and repeatability of +/-0.5 micrometer.

Through Holes Size

10:1 Hole-to-Material thickness ratio capability

Aperture Sizes

Holes as small as .002″


On-centers as small as .004″

Aspect Ratios/level



  • Avionics
  • Embossing Micro Parts
  • Filtration/Microfiltration
  • Laboratory and Test Masking
  • Micro-channels
  • Micro-circuitry
  • Micro-embossing Tools
  • Micro-reactors and Lab-on-chip
  • Micro-replication of Silicon Masters
  • Precision filters, mesh, and sieves

Industries Served

  • Avionic/Space Electronics
  • Mechanical/
  • Medical
  • Research Applications
  • Scientific Controls


  • Clean Room Accredited to FED-STD-209 Class 10,000 Standards
  • PRI / NADCAP Certified

Software Used

  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor

Acceptable File Formats

  • DWG
  • DXF
  • IGES
  • JPEG
  • PDF