Precision Micro Laser Services

As a company and leader in our field, VACCO is proud of the many different parts we produce. The end of production is the beginning of the next steps we take in putting the final touches on your products. VACCO realizes that every project is unique and requires special adjustments to make it applicable for its specific application. VACCO Precision Etched Parts has taken this challenge to a new level by providing added services that perfect and enhance our products.

VACCO’s micro laser services include precision laser cutting, laser micro welding and laser marking capabilities that consistently meet the requirements of the thin metal and polyimide product markets. Our micro laser services enable us to meet tight tolerances and flexibility in designs. We offer consistent repeatability and positional accuracy that are invaluable to reducing manufacturing times and costs for our clients. Quick turnaround on completed assemblies is possible with the expertise provided by our team. With over 60 years in business, we have the ability to guide our clients to the most effective outcome.

VACCO’s micro laser capabilities can handle a wide range of materials in various sizes and thicknesses. With these services, VACCO Precision Etched Parts is a one-stop shop for customers in many different industries, such as the electronics, avionics, medical, and scientific industries.

These three added extras are just the beginning of the additional services that are available to the customers of VACCO Precision Etched Parts. Our staff is ready to use its exceptional skill to meet the needs of each detail of your project. Precision is more than a word in our name. It is at the center of what we do, and the effort we put into every project and part.

To learn more about VACCO’s precision micro laser service capabilities, please contact us today.